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in orbita 2019 nat live Tino nat nat simo spirit 66



I hope you are all well ... a warm greeting from the CONQUEROR waiting for everything to return as before.
Obviously we have no concert news. As far as record releases are concerned, we decided to bring together in a single CD all the 7 covers that we have produced over the years for Mellow Records and for AMS .... we will also insert another cover contained in the CD "Sprazzi di luce" and finally as an opening album there will be a surprise .... with a long instrumental cover from the 70s of a very famous Italian band ... but I don't want to tell you more ..... with a surprise line-up.

I also make it known that I am in charge of the technical / artistic production of the first solo CD (of our first and co-founder of the band), by Salvatore Chillemi, unfortunately postponed for problems of this cursed virus

Finally after over 25 years, being the only member present in all phases of the band, I thought of putting together all my memories, my disappointments, the successes, the gratifications and many anecdotes, in a book "in which I will empty the sack ", hairless. It will be my truth, and any counterattack if reciprocated with civilization and professionalism is welcome; I will try to involve the highest number of new and old members of the band ... all without filters.

I can not make predictions on the release dates of these three works .... surely the book will come out last and I also foresee an edition in English ... for the other two record works ... maximum from 8 to 12 months .. ..

CONQUEROR never die



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