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new release

new release

in twenty years, conqueror, parallel to their recording career (with 7 discs ), have been repeatedly invited to participate in tribute compilations dedicated to various international artists.
There has been a long collaboration with Mellow Records with which the band has recorded 6 covers, and with AMS with which they have recorded one. In these recordings, he requested that the chosen song be customized to the liking of the band.
On the disc there is another song self-produced by the band and included in the 2009 mini cd "sprazzi di luce", but also a cover of the Goblin recorded in 2020, which sees the "reunion" in the recording room between the two founders of the band ( Russo and Chillemi).
... .. I thought of collecting these recordings together, to fill the curiosity of those who requested them, and of those who perhaps had listened to only a few, also and above all because they are hard to find material.
A big thank you goes to Mauro Moroni (Mellow Records) and Matthias Scheller (AMS Records) for the collaboration.

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