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In November 1994, the drummer Natale Russo founded the band Conqueror.

Immediately, the band formulated its own original material, which distinguishes itself from the standard song "canzone", combining harmonic variations with rhythm changes.

From 1994 to 1999 the band created its own unique style of music. During this period various musicians played the vocalist role, which gave the group the chance to create unique songs, various musical variations and vocal melodies.

After a period of resettlement, Simona Rigano, who plays the piano and vocals, joined the band in 2002 molding the homogeneity of musical tracks.

In the beginning of 2003, the band worked on its first official album "ISTINTO" (un auto-production). From then on, their releases were produced by "Maracash" label. In 2005 "Conqueror" released their second album called " STORIE FUORI DAL TEMPO". In 2007 they produced their third album "74 GIORNI", their first "concept-album" which consolidated their international reputation. In 2009 the band published the mini-album "SPRAZZI DI LUCE", a divertissement waiting for the new concept "MADAME ZELLE" released in 2010.

After a period of line-up reorganisation, in 2014 the band published the CD "STEMS", in which the band had the original four-elements line-up when they composed "Istinto". The CD was shown at the "Theatre al Parco" of Parma, where the concert was sold out. Times were mature to record the first live DVD and CD that was published in 2015 and was called "UN'ALTRA REALTA'". For that occasion, an extra was realised where the band unveiled stories and anecdotes from 1994 on.

The Conqueror took a pause from composing, but they worked hard for a sumptuous revisiting project of the repertoire of the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andrà. The band started from the famous tour made by Faber with the band PFM, frequently using original arrangements, always with the spirit of the Conqueror. The project obtained very quickly a clamorous success, obtaining everywhere soldout concerts and appreciations from the specialised critic.

In 2015 Sofia Ferraro joined the band for the woodwind section, in particular appointing herself for the flute and sax parts that were left vacant by Sabrina Rigano from 2010 on. Shortly after, the guitarist Tino Nastasi, who was in the line-up of the second and third CD, re-joined the band. Currently underway there are compositions and registrations of new materials that will see the light in 2018

At the same time of the disco graphic production, Conqueror were touring in Italy and abroad. Over the years the band has featured with other famous Italian and international bands including: Pendragon, Metamorfosi, Arti and Mestieri, Bernardo Lanzetti, Pure Reason Revolution and Delirium.

Conqueror realised various "tribute" compilations personalising classic famous melodies. The band realised the "mellow Record" tracks by MOODY BLUES; SANTANA; MARILLION; STEVE HACKETT; YES; PINK FLOYD.